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The Painter’s Edge Valued Customer Rewards Program

We are proud to unveil our new Rewards Program!


Starting on April 1st, every registered customer began receiving a 5% reward on every purchase.  If you were a registered customer prior to April 1st, you received a credit based on previous purchases, up to $100!


Joining the program couldn’t be simpler.  There’s only 1 step:


When placing an order on the site, simply choose to create a customer account with your username and password.  That’s it! Now you will begin receiving a 5% reward in the form of store credit on every purchase you make! You can check your balance at any time just by signing in to your account, or by dropping us an email or phone call at 1-866-688-4313.


What kind of reward is your paint store giving you?

Glasurit 90 Line Advantages and Benefits

Here’s a great interview with James Beck of BASF talking about Glasurit 90 Line – and what the advantages and benefits are of BASF Waterborne.


Here are some keys:

  • Highly Concentrated toners – 1/2 Liter and Liter cans only
  • Solvent-Based toners = No Shelf Life!
  • Superior Color Match and Coverage


At The Painters Edge, we carry all the BASF Products – Glasurit, Diamont, and Limco – Solvent and Waterborne, including 90 Line and Onyx.  We can do Custom Mixes in all solvent lines, plus all toners are available as well.  Check out our Site or Contact Us today for more info!

Don’t forget – $600 orders get Free Shipping, and we don’t charge HazMat Shipping Fees!

New Shipping Options Available!

We are pleased to announce that we have added some new shipping options to the site in our ongoing effort to make the shopping experience simple, and to make our outstanding pricing and service available to more people.

1.     We can now ship to Alaska and Canada!   The same shipping rules apply as in the Lower 48 States.  If your order meets or exceeds $600, ground shipping is free.

2.     If you live in Arizona, we have added the option to pick up your order at any of our 4 locations across the state.  Simply place your order and choose “Will Call” at checkout – indicating which location you will pick up at, and your order will be ready in 1-2 business days.  Typically you will be able to pick up the same day if you’re in Phoenix.  There are no shipping charges on will call orders no matter what size your order!  Will Call is available at the following locations:



1135  W. Kaibab Lane

Flagstaff, AZ

Click for Map


5154 N. 27th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ

Click for Map


323 N. Arizona Ave.

Prescott, AZ

Click for Map


3237 E. Lincoln

Tucson, AZ

Click for Map

If you have any questions about these new options please Call Us at 866-688-4313 or Contact Us.

Another Happy Customer!

We just received an awesome note from Mitch in Palo Alto, California.  A couple months back he bought some Limco Single Stage paint from us to do a small repair on his Ranchero.  He wrote us to let us know how it came out.

Hello Painters Edge,

I would just like to thank you very much for the paint match on my 1971 Ford Ranchero. I couldn’t have asked for a better color match. We will be purchasing more from you in the near future. 

Thanks again for your fine service,

Mitch Johnson

Owner, Palo Alto Upholstery

The Left Rear quarter panel with Painters Edge single stage paint.


You may be surprised to learn that we had never seen Mr. Johnson’s vehicle before receiving this picture from him.  He simply provided us with the Year, Make, Model, and Color Code off the vehicle – and we mixed the color and sent it to him.  BASF’s Superior Color Matching means that you don’t have to be skeptical about ordering factory-matched paint over the internet.


Check out all our BASF paint lines HERE – Including:

Glasurit 55 Line (BMW and Mercedes are sprayed with Glasurit at the factory, as are many other Luxury Vehicles)

RM Onyx (Waterborne) and Diamont (Solventborne)

RM Limco Supreme Plus (Available in Acrylic, Urethane, Basecoat and Direct-To-Metal)


We can mix your color in sizes ranging from Touch-Up Bottles to Gallon Cans.  And as always, we don’t charge a HazMat fee for Domestic Shipping, and FREE SHIPPING is available on every order of $600 or more.

Leap Day Sale!

Welcome to Leap Day 2012!  To Celebrate, we’re having a sale so Amazing, we can only offer it once every Four Years.

We are running a number of specials Feb. 28th and 29th so let’s start with the NASCAR Giveaway:


Each person who places an order Feb. 28th or 29th (any amount) will be entered into a drawing to receive (1) Pair of NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets – to the race of YOUR choosing during the current 2012 Regular Season.*  We will draw a name and notify the winner March 2nd.



In addition to being entered into the NASCAR drawing – every order placed between 12 am and 11:59 pm on Wednesday, February 29th, will receive FREE UPS Ground Shipping.  Expedited shipping is still available on some items at further cost, please Contact Us or call 866-688-4313 for availability and shipping quotes.


10% Off All BASF Products:

All BASF Products are 10% Off, from Mixed Paint to Primer to Clear – Glasurit, Diamont, and Limco.  It’s all on sale for one day only.  Discounts will automatically apply.


Spray Gun Blowout:

We have a number of Spray Guns available at Blowout Prices from SATA, Tekna, and Iwata.  All of these guns are brand new, in the original packaging.  We have VERY limited quantities, and once these are gone, they’re gone. As with most Spray Gun sales, as an Authorized Distributor, the manufacturers do not allow us to sell these guns over the internet.  To order or check availability you must Call 866-688-4313 or Contact Us.

For More Info on any Gun, just click on the Picture

Sata 146191 – SATAJet 100 BF HVLP 1.7 Gun with an Aluminum Cup

Only $349.99 (2 Available)



Sata 158147 – SATAJet 1000 B HVLP 1.4 with an aluminum cup

Only $349.99 (3 Available)



Sata 160853 – ADAM 2 Digital Air Micrometer

Only $249.99 (1 Available)



Sata 169995 – SATAJet 4000 RP Standard (Non-Digital) 1.3 with RPS Cups

Only $499.99 (1 Available)



Sata 170175 – SATAJet 4000 HVLP Standard (Non-Digital) 1.3 with RPS Cups

Only $499.99 (1 Available)



Sata 170209 – SATAJet 4000 HVLP Standard (Non-Digital) 1.4 with RPS Cups

Only $499.99 (2 Available)



Sata 170217 – SATAJet 4000 HVLP Standard (Non-Digital) 1.4HC “Hot Climate” with RPS Cups  - This gun was designed by Sata for Hot and Dry climates – Arizona, New Mexico, California Deserts Specifically

Only $499.99 (2 Available)



Sata 170365 – SATAJet 4000 HVLP Digital 1.3 with RPS Cups

Only $549.99 (1 Available)



Sata 170399 – SATAJet 4000 HVLP Digital 1.4 with RPS Cups

Only $549.99 (1 Available)



Sata 170696 – SATAJet 4000 HVLP Standard (Non-Digital) 1.5 with RPS Cups

Only $499.99 (2 Available)



Sata 173138 – SATAminijet 3000B HVLP 1.0SR with RPS Cups

Only $274.99 (2 Available)



Sata 173161 – SATAminijet 3000B HVLP 1.2SR with RPS Cups

Only $274.99 (3 Available)



Sata 182899 – SATAJet 4000 Heart & Soul Edition HVLP Standard (Non-Digital) 1.4 with RPS Cups

Only $549.99 (3 Available)



Sata 182907 – SATAJet 4000 Heart & Soul Edition HVLP Standard (Non-Digital)1.4HC ”Hot Climate” with RPS Cups  - This gun was designed by Sata for Hot and Dry climates – Arizona, New Mexico, California Deserts Specifically

Only $549.99 (3 Available)



Tekna 703295 – Tekna HE/HVLP Gun 1.4 with Aluminum Cup

Only $399.99 (1 Available)



Tekna 703488 – Tekna Copper HE Gun with NO CUP (Gun Only)

Only $324.99 (1 Available)



Tekna 703489 – Tekna Copper HE 1.2 & 1.3 7E7 with Aluminum Cup

Only $349.99 (4 Available)



Iwata 3952 – LPH300 LV 1.6 Gun with Aluminum Cup

Only $299.99 (1 Available)



Iwata 3957 – LPH300 LV 1.3 Gun with Aluminum Cup

Only $299.99 (1 Available)



Iwata 5538 – LPH400 LV 1.5 Gun with Aluminum Cup

Only $449.99 (2 Available)



Iwata 5683 – LPH400 LVX 1.5 Gun with Aluminum Cup

Only $424.99 (1 Available)



Iwata 9232 – 1.8 HVLP Gun with Plastic Cup

Only $99.99 (2 Available)



Iwata 9233 – 2.0 HVLP Gun with Plastic Cup

Only $99.99 (2 Available)





* NASCAR is not affiliated with either ThePaintersEdge.com or this prize giveaway. The Value of the Tickets will not exceed $350. 


Win a Kindle Fire!

On Thursday, March 1st – we will be giving away 2 Kindle Fires! There’s no purchase necassary – and we have 2 easy ways to enter.

Kindle Fire


1.     Simply enter your email in the box at the top of this page and join our mailing list. (We won’t sell or share your info and we never spam)

2.     Go to our Facebook Page and Like Us


That’s it! Do both BEFORE March 1st, and you’ll have two chances to win a Kindle Fire. If you’re already an email subscriber or a Facebook Fan you are automatically entered into the drawing.

PS – While you’re at it, you should Follow us on Twitter as well.  It won’t win you anything today…but it can’t hurt!

Design your own SATAjet 4000!

SATA has announced that they will be running a very special design contest in 2012.  Here’s their video introduction:


Early in 2010 SATA perfected a process by which they could transfer near-photo quality pictures on to their spray gun bodies.  That was put in full display in 2011 when they released the striking Leah Gall Heart & Soul Edition gun.

According to Mr. Albrecht Kruse, President of SATA,

“This possibility gives the design competition a special attraction…Who can claim to have a self-designed spray gun?”

The three best designs, as judged by SATA, will each receive a SATAjet4000 Digital with their design. The rest of the Top 10 finishers will each receive a normal SATAjet4000 Digital gun for their entries.

If SATA so chooses, they may actually market the winners gun as a special edition gun, joining the designer with such famous artists as Chip Foose and Leah Gall, who previously designed SATA special edition guns!

The April 30th deadline for entry is quickly approaching, don’t miss your chance for spray gun immortality.

You can find the full contest info here.

SATA News release here.


What could be better than Clint Eastwood?


So another Super Bowl is in the books.  If you’re anything like us, half the reason you watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials.  Don’t get me wrong, I love football – but I really love watching the commercials.

This year the average 30 second spot cost $3.5 million.  That’s a lot of money to spend to make an impression in 30 seconds.  Every year some companies maximize those dollars and some companies might as well have lit their money on fire.  At least people stop and stare at a fire.


Check out a few of last year’s best:

Cars.com Go First

Doritos Healing Chips

Audi Jailbreak

VW Vader

And last year’s worst:

Mini Cram it in the Boot

Stella Artois

Go Daddy

Wendy’s Slap

Hyundai Snap out of It


There’s a clear difference between a hit and a miss when it comes to Super Bowl ads. Part of the problem here is that I think these ads need to walk a really tight line between clever and stupid.  We’ll look at two ads from last year to make my point.

Volkswagon’s Mini Darth Vader ad is one of the most clever, memorable car ads I’ve ever seen.  You’ve got the little boy dressed up as Lord Vader trying to use the force on various household items and pets without success.  However, dad has just arrived home and Vader’s powers are about to be unleashed.  We love this ad because every kid who has ever seen Star Wars has wanted the power of the force. Every dad who’s ever had a little Jedi running around the house would love for him or her to feel the exhiliration of wondering, even if just for a second, whether the force is real!  I still get goosebumps today watching it.  A little funny, a little nostalgic, and a little heart – makes just about a perfect commercial.

In contrast, let’s take a look at the Mini Cooper ad.  It starts out OK. You’ve got what looks and sounds like a British game show going on with the Mini taking center stage.  ”Cram it in the boot” is a clever little bit of wordplay.  But then things begin to go wrong.  Enter Contestant #1 – Josh.  Our way-too-perky announcer says, “Josh have you ever crammed it in the boot before?” Josh gets an uncomfortable look on his face.  Here is where the Mini ad team expects us all to be rolling around on the floor laughing.  And maybe all the 15 year old boys in the audience are, unfortunately that may not be Mini’s target audience.  The ad agency didn’t care.  They kept us cringing through the entire ad at more of their juvenile jokes about cramming long oddly shaped items into the boot.  The commercial was so bad I didn’t even remember seeing it the first time.


This year was really no different.  For me, there was a clear delineation between the good ads and the poor.  I decided to name my Top 10 ads, as well as some notable flops.  We’ll start with the bad to get them out of the way.


Worst 2012 Super Bowl Commercials:

1.     Any list of the worst ads of the 2012 Super Bowl has to start with Go Daddy.  Do you realize they have been basically making the same ads for the past 8 years now? They had at least two ads this year, which means $7 million + spent to air these ridiculous ads.  Look, I’m a guy, I get it. Hot chicks pretending they just might show you a little bit more.  I just wonder how every year, they trot out yet another “controversial” Super Bowl ad, based on the same premise they’ve been using for nearly a decade now.  It was pretty funny the first time around in 2005, one year after the infamous “wardrobe malfunction.”  Back then we thought they were creative, now we realize they just got lucky.  GoDaddy, honestly, everyone knows who you are.  In fact, I can’t even name any of your competitors.  You should come up with a fresh thought or just stop already.

2.     Next I’m going to pick on Budweiser and Bud Light.  We’ve come to expect a lot more out of Bud and Budweieser.  The first Budweiser ad about Prohibition was interesting, I guess.  But not memorable in any way.  The Bud Light Platinum ads were dumb.  Who cares?   The only Bud Light ad that even got any response in our crowd was the Rescue Dog “Here We Go”  A couple funny moments, cute dog.  Blah, whatever.  I feel like we’ve gotten to the point where we just talk about Bud making great commercials because of ads that came out 5 years ago.

3.     Jack in the Box This ad was so bad, they showed it twice.  It’s worth noting that Jack in the Box is going “All In” on the bacon theme though.  Bacon Shakes Anyone?

4.     Coca-Cola Polar Bears.  Here’s another ad concept that is way past its Use By date. The first Coca-Cola Polar Bear TV ad came out in 1993, 19 years ago.  It’s time the bears retired.  Not only was I disinterested as soon as I saw the bears on screen, but the commercials themselves were boring and uninspired.

5.     Hulu Plus.  I don’t get any of it.

6.     GE  -  Look, I don’t have a problem with their commercials.  I just don’t understand what they’re even trying to sell.  In fact, one of their ads almost turns into a parody at one point. “What, so you guys make the beer? No, we make the power that makes the beer!” So buy our stock or something.  Great.  $10 million later, someone’s getting fired tomorrow.   Actually, this road has been tread before, by BASF.  Remember their series of old commercials?  ”At BASF we don’t make a lot of the products you buy…we make a lot of the products you buy, better.”   The funny thing is that I’ll never forget that line, but I have no idea what I’ll ever do about it.  That’s kind of how I feel about the GE ads.  They were almost like a documentary, and they were interesting…but I have no idea what I’ll ever do about it.

7.     Camry Reinvented It’s been a good few years for Car Companies during the Super Bowl, but this was definitely one of the exceptions.

There were a few other bad/weird commercials, but I just didn’t take the time to even write them down.  Well, except for the Cars.com ad where the guy had a little Alien head growing out of his back.  Look it up yourself…


Top 10 2012 Super Bowl Commercials

10.     Let’s Do This  Chevy Sonic Stunt ad.  Other than the music video part, it was cool.

9.     Any phone, any carrier, any plan I thought Best Buy put together a simple ad that conveyed a great point.  Who likes going into a phone store?  I don’t trust anything those people say.  I don’t really know if Best Buy is any better, but I like the idea they’re conveying.

8.     Mr. Quiggly  This one almost didn’t make it because of the useless Mark Cuban part at the end.  But the moonwalk sealed the deal.

7.     Connections Camry – good ad.

6.     Vampire Party This is a pretty great ad on a number of levels. Loved the song choice here too.


Tangent #1

You can’t ever underestimate the song choice.  Two of my favorite car commercials ever only work to me because of the song.

Kia Hamsters Party Rock   Those cars are completely ugly, however I can’t help but think of this commercial every time I see one. It turns out Kia is pretty adept in this area, because my other favorite is from Kia also.  In fact, it debuted during the 2010 Super Bowl.  Sorrento  The Robot doing The Robot is classic.


Tangent #2 

I was really hard on Budweiser earlier and I wanted to point out that they did make a good Super Bowl commercial this year, unfortunately they choose to only air it in Canada.  Check it out.  I don’t care if it was based around hockey, that was cool.  I mean how many times can the Clydesdale’s be the theme?


And, we’re back!


5.     You didn’t see Nuthin  A good one from Doritos.

4.     Where’s Dave? He drove a Ford.

3.     Best Gift Ever! Consumer submitted ad.

2.     Clint Eastwood To be honest, I’m still not sure what this ad is selling.  It doesn’t really matter.  Clint Eastwood is talking, shut up and listen.  And while you’re at it, “Get me another beer Dragon Lady, this one’s empty.”





Kia wins

Do I even have to say anything?  Motley Crue, MMA guy’s head exploding, Lumberjacks sawing through a Subway sandwich…well, yeah it did get kind of weird there in the middle.  But all is forgiven, for some creativity and good music.



Now it’s your turn.  Let us know what you you think.  Like our picks?  Hate them?  Have some of your own?  


 Update 1 – Yep, we missed this – it actually happened before the game. But it’s worth noting that Ford officially asked NBC and GM not to air the Silverado Apocalypse ad.  I enjoyed Chevy’s response:

“We stand by our claims in the commercial, that the Silverado is the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup on the road,” said GM Global Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick in a press release. “We can wait until the world ends, and if we need to, we will apologize. In the meantime, people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.”

Welcome to ThePaintersEdge.com

Welcome to the official blog of ThePaintersEdge.com!

We’re very excited to begin blogging and wanted to take a couple minutes and introduce our site and this blog to you.

With nearly 20 years experience selling Auto Paint & Supplies out of our 5 stores – we decided in 2011 that we wanted to bring our expertise, customer service, wide product selection, and competitive pricing to the Internet – where everyone can have access to it.  So we created this website – and are constantly updating it with the latest and greatest products for the Collision Industry.


What you will find on ThePaintersEdge.com

You will find a large selection of thousands of products from the best brands in the industry, including: BASF, 3M, Norton, House of Kolor, Evercoat, Sata, SEM, Meguiar’s, Iwata, American Tape, Devilbiss, EZ Mix, Fusor…and many, many more.  You will find multiple ways to contact us if you have more questions about a specific product on the site, or if you’re looking for something you don’t see.  You can Call Us, Email Us, or even Chat with us live right on the site.  And you will find that we have the best Everyday Pricing anywhere.

To keep up with the latest industry and product news make sure you Follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our Emails.  We also regularly run special promotions via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and even Text Messaging – so don’t miss out on those as well.


What you won’t find on ThePaintersEdge.com

Cake Decorating Kits


Sunless Tanning Products

Precision Writing Instruments

Hazmat Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges for Orders over $600


Unlike other so-called “Global Superstores” all we sell is Auto Paint & Supplies.  Whether you’re a weekend do-it-yourself-er or a seasoned Collision Professional, you can be sure that we are focused on providing the best products and services for you.

Stay tuned…

Over the next couple weeks, we’re going to post a series of articles, introducing you to some of the Manufacturers and products that we have available, and we’ll kick that off with an introduction to House of Kolor’s Newest line Shimrin2!

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